Season 1
Episode 1 - No matter what everybody says, we're twins! Episode 2 - Women's intuition! Wondering a little about Tatsuya's ability Episode 3 - Unexpectedly pitching in a game for the first time! Cause trouble in the name of Katsuya!? Episode 4 - Did you see? Didn't you see?! Minami's diary! Episode 5 - High fever rally race! Such an accurate goal!? Episode 6 - Are the rumors true?! The relationship between Minami and Kazuya (on everyone's mind) Episode 7 - Really! Tatsuya and Minami's wedding clothes!? Episode 8 - Tatsuya in a fight! The truth at the Kyodai showdown Episode 9 - Tatsuya and Harada-kun's dangerous friendship! Episode 10 - Everyone's worried, the mood is fine. We're high-schoolers! Episode 11 - The coming baseball club! Tatsuya's subtly swaying heart!! Episode 12 - First practice! Vigorous Kazuya & worn-out Tatsuya!? Episode 13 - Kazuya is worried! Koutarou-kun in a love slump Episode 14 - Discontent? Minami & Kazuya are the best couple!? Episode 15 - It's a big event! Tatsuya slaps Minami!! Episode 16 - Kazuya's Heart is Lemon-Colored Episode 17 - Minami's First Kiss Episode 18 - Tatsuya's Feelings Are A Bit Complicated Episode 19 - Want to forget but cannot be forgotten. An incident that will remain in your memory Episode 20 - What's that? Tatsuya's tender chance encounter! Episode 21 - Kat-chan wanted to make it to Koushien for Minami's sake Episode 22 - The game is starting soon! Kazuya vs Terashima Episode 23 - Minami registered! She appeared!? Love's timely sudden change Episode 24 - Almost Koushien of one person, Minami's dream of one person! Episode 25 - Minami's longest day! Kat-chan, hurry up and come! Episode 26 - End of the match! However, without you... Episode 27 - A short summer ... Goodbye, Kat-chan!
Season 2
Episode 1 - There's no ace for the baseball team... Episode 2 - What? Tender Tat-chan's boxer status!? Episode 3 - The odd circumstances how the glory of #1 came to be on his back Episode 4 - Tatsuya on the hill! Control is another story Episode 5 - Kazuya's dear wife, but the worry is about the stupid brother Episode 6 - Birth of a rhythmic gymnastics star! Minami has a natural gift!? Episode 7 - Good luck, Tatsuya! First game pitching makes the heart beat like a drum Episode 8 - I`m so concerned!? About Minami the talk of the towns these days! Episode 9 - Just The Two Of Us! A Dangerous Night For Minami And Tatsuya!? Episode 10 - Aim For Koushien! The Baseball Club Is Right In The Middle Of A Camp!! Episode 11 - The First Game of the Preliminary! A Brainy Tacchan Has Emerged Episode 12 - Let Me See What You`ve Got! Cool Nitta vs. Tenacious Nishimura!! Episode 13 - The Second Game is a Heated Pitching Duel! Tacchan vs Tenacious Nishimura Episode 14 - The 11th Inning in the Rain! The Bases Loaded with Two Outs!! The Batter is Nishimura Episode 15 - One More Extra-Inning Game!? A Rectangular Relationship Concerning Minami Episode 16 - Shake up Tatsuya the ace! Minami & Nitta's dangerous relationship!? Episode 17 - Yuka`s Private Investigator Journal! Where are Minami and Tatsuya Headed Episode 18 - Challenge to the ace! I'm Uesugi's rival! Episode 19 - Declaration of Rivalry! Please Surpass Uesugi Kazuya!! Episode 20 - The Battle Against Sumi Tech! What!? The Pitcher is Yoshida!! Episode 21 - Finally, Uesugi Shows Up! Nitta, Let`s Fight it Out!! Episode 22 - No Longer the Good-For-Nothing Big Brother! The Koushien has Entered Our Sights!! Episode 23 - An After School Date!? Minami and Nitta are in a Risky Relationship!! Episode 24 - Unacceptable!? Minami declares her love to Tatsuya! Episode 25 - A love triangle! You're a bother! Episode 26 - Tatsuya's extracurricular lessons ... Thinking too much about love! Episode 27 - Finally, it`s the Last Chance for the Koushien!! Episode 28 - Soushuuhen: Memories are too beautiful... Episode 29 - Soushuuhen: Don't surrender the ace position to anyone!
Season 3
Episode 1 - A puzzling new coach turns up! Episode 2 - I'm Kashiwaba! I won't forgive the spoiled children! Episode 3 - Tempest at the Meisei baseball club! Another problem after Minami leaves Episode 4 - Hard-fighting new coach! Minami's still number one Episode 5 - Hey, Kashiwaba! Let`s Fight Over Minami`s Fate!! Episode 6 - Sepia-coloured couple! Minami & Nitta's beach story Episode 7 - The Secret Behind the Sunglasses! Who Is Kashiwaba? Episode 8 - No rules of the practice game! We're watching the demon manager Episode 9 - Go for it, Minami! It`s not suitable to give up Episode 10 - Minami is the student council president? An idol one way or another! Episode 11 - Oh-oh, we`re beginning to see! Coach Kashiwaba`s true character!! Episode 12 - Stop Tatsuya! Yuka`s forced dating strategy!! Episode 13 - The Koushien dream! Don`t rush your resignation!! Episode 14 - Summer is soon! How many more dropout troubles Episode 15 - Summer camp starts! Evil coach is waiting!! Episode 16 - Scarier than the demon? Lady Yuka`s cooking camp!! Episode 17 - Chef Yuka! It`s a long hard road to be a gourmet chef!! Episode 18 - Finally! Cooking battle between Minami & Yuka Episode 19 - End of the cooking trouble!? Secret taste is from Minami`s spice Episode 20 - Thinking of the floor exercise! Minami is waiting for Tatsuya!? Episode 21 - First match of the competition! Now summer is here!! Episode 22 - Combination 1: Asakura Minami is 18! Now is the time for youth!! Episode 23 - Combination 2: Fight Meisei!! Kashiwaba doesn`t scare us


Twins Kazuya and Tatsuya, and their neighbor Minami have played together since they were children and built an unbreakable bond. But with puberty, the twins realized something: Minami is a girl, and three is a crowd.

As the trio tries to preserve their relationship, Kazuya’s pledge to make Minami’s dream come true by taking her to Koshien with his baseball pitching skills makes the slackerish Tatsuya wonder about himself, and his own goals. But Minami has another dream she wants fulfilled, and as the twins continue to push themselves, with Minami in the middle, a life-changing tragedy leads one twin down a path he once never would’ve considered…

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